Social Responsibility Policy
Social Responsibility Policy


PLASTEN considers acting with the sense of social responsibility in all activities as a part of core values such as modesty, respect for human and publicity and the basic and firm elements of the management perception.

We, as PLASTEN, aim at maintaining our activities in necessities of time, honesty and reliability together with our employees, customers and suppliers. We serve all of our business partners our company policy in our production plant with public awareness, do our business primarily according to our laws, customer special requests and social standards and invite them to share this perception.

PLASTEN company policy involves the below listed criteria:

  • The minimum working age is observed and employment of child labour is not allowed in PLASTEN.
  • PLASTEN never employs the personnel under pressure in any matters. All personnel are employed on equal basis and in the positions suitable for their own qualifications and competences.
  • PLASTEN fulfills the legal requirements for the health and safety of all personnel, takes measures to prevent all health and safety risks of the personnel, supports the development of personnel through training opportunities and ensures occupational health and safety.
  • The work environment of our personnel has sufficient equipment and all kinds of opportunities are provided for the personnel for satisfying their basic needs in hygienic conditions.
  • PLASTEN personnel have freedom of thought and belief and no discrimination is applied in terms of language, race, gender, social class, age and union membership.
  • PLASTEN provides its personnel opportunity of gathering freely.
  • PLASTEN organizes the working hours as predicated by the laws, doesn’t apply regular overtime and give its personnel one day off in every week.
  • PLASTEN’s wages policy is assessed according to the knowledge and qualifications of the personnel and no payment is made lower than the minimum wage.
  • PLASTEN is quite sensitive for environmental pollution, protection of nature and animals, fulfills its social responsibility and raise its personnel awareness in this subject.
  • PLASTEN takes under control all criteria in the company policy with quality management systems, manages with a modern management system and aims at maintaining the activities together with all suppliers and business partners