Quality Policy
Quality Policy


Our quality policy is to aim at ZERO- ERROR by grounding on the continuous improvement through:

  • Providing our quality management system be documented, certified and continuously improved while fulfilling the requirements of IATF 16949:2016 Standard,
  • Providing extraordinary and devastating solutions, products and services,
  • Dealing with the customer problems in a professional way,
  • Providing customers the products that satisfy the customer expectations, on time, quality and at appropriate market prices,
  • Making the company and departmental targets be reached in a team spirit on the basis of Total Quality Philosophy,
  • Determining the preventive approaches to improve our performance by reviewing all work processes through MR process,
  • Raising the productivity of all processes to the internationally compatible level in line with continuous improvement approach,
  • Providing trainings which encourage the innovative and creative approaches and increase technical and behavioral competences,
  • Prioritizing the customer satisfaction and increasing customer satisfaction continuously,
  • Considering the customer feedback modestly and taking action,
  • Increasing the competency and satisfaction of our employees continuously,
  • Increasing cooperation with our suppliers continuously,
  • Protecting the environment we are working in and providing the efficient use of natural resources,
  • Following up and applying the technological developments, which increase our competitive capacity in accordance with the changing market conditions,
  • Providing all our employees consider each other as a customer with a process approach.